For customers who have shopped at Takashimaya

Foreign visitors staying in Japan for less than 6 months are eligible for tax-free shopping. Bring your purchased items to our in-store Tax Refund Counter after confirming the eligibility and conditions for a tax refund as follows:

Tax refund items

General goods

Bags, Shoes, Clothing, Watches, Accessories

Purchases of 5,000 JPY
or more (excluding tax)

All tax-free goods must be taken out of Japan when leaving the country.


Cosmetics, Food, Beverages, Medicines, Stationery
*Cosmetics case, brush and some of stationery are classified as the general goods

Purchases of between 5,000 JPY and 500,000 JPY
(excluding tax)

Your consumables will be placed in an official sealed bag. Please bring the items to the Tax Refund Counter. Do not open until you depart. All tax-free goods must be taken out of Japan when leaving the country.

General goods/consumables over 5,000 JPY (before tax) are eligible for duty-free tax exemption. Note that general goods/consumables under 5,000 JPY (before tax), or general goods/consumables whose total sum is above 5,000 JPY and below 500,000 JPY are eligible. General goods/consumables that have been tax-exempted through a combined purchase sum may not be used domestically.
*Please be informed that the quantity of tax-free procedures per transaction will be limited. Contact our Tax Refund Counter for details.

*Effective July 2018, the Revised Consumption Tax Exemption Program for Foreign Visitors allows spending on general goods to be combined with spending on consumable goods on the condition that general goods are also packaged in a designated sealed bag and other requirements apply.

Eligibility and Conditions for Tax Refund

Those eligible for tax refund procedure
From April 1, 2023, the following applicants will be eligible for a tourist tax refund:

For foreign national
– A person with a residence status of Temporary Visitor, and the term of visit in Japan is less than six months
– A Person with Diplomat or Official visa status
– A person who has entered Japan for less than 6 months with landing permission, etc.
– Dependents of members of the U.S. armed forces and components who have a SOFA stamp in their passport

Even if a person has the “Temporary Visitor” status, those who have a residence or domicile in Japan, work in an office in Japan, or visit Japan in more than six months are not eligible for tax-free shopping.

For Japanese national
– A person who can be confirmed by proof of continuous living abroad for two years or more and has only returned to Japan temporarily for less than six months.

・Certificate of overseas residence or a copy of a supplementary family register (both originals).
・For more information, please inquire at the Tax Refund Counter.

Application period
Only the day of purchase
Location for application
Tax refund counter
Necessary Items
Receipt of purchased goods, Passport of the person who made the purchase (copies are unaccepted, must have a verification seal for landing), Purchased products, Credit card(only if used)
Refer to the following procedures for detailed instructions on documentation.



After purchasing goods, the person who made the purchase visit the tax-refund counter within the same day.

*Substitutes are not accepted.
*If you have tailoring or order product which takes time, the tax will be refunded only the day you have received the product. Please ask the staff in shop for details.


Please be informed that we cannot accept tax refund procedure during a certain period of time. Kindly contact our Tax refund counter for details.

  • Nihombashi2nd Floor, Main Building
  • Shinjuku11th Floor, Main Building
  • Yokohama Basement 1st Floor
  • Osaka7th Floor
  • Kyoto7th Floor
  • Tamagawa3rd Floor, Main Building
  • OmiyaBasement 1st Floor
  • Kashiwa3th Floor, Main Building
  • Takasaki 5th Floor
  • Sakai5th Floor
  • Senboku4th Floor
  • Gifu1st Floor
  • Okayama8th Floor
  • JU Yonago Takashimaya Store4th Floor, Main Building

At the Nihombashi, Tamagawa, Yokohama and Kashiwa Stores you can also claim a tax refund for purchases made at non-Takashimaya tenants in the adjacent Nihombashi Takashimaya Shopping Center, Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center, Yokohama Joinus and Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall.
Note that some tenants are not covered under this program. Contact each store for more information.

Tax exemption procedure at Shinjuku Times Square


Necessary Items

Receipt of purchased goods

Passport of the person who made the purchase *1

Purchased products *2

Credit card *3
(only if used)

*1 Copies are unaccepted, must have a verification seal for landing.
*Crew members must have a crew member’s landing permit.

*2 Consumables will be packaged and sealed, please bring the items to the Tax Refund Counter.

*3 The name on the passport and credit card must match. Credit cards without the card-holder’s signature will not be accepted. The back of the card must be signed by the card-holder on the designated line. Credit cards may not be used by other individuals.
*When you use Takashimaya credit card to save up points(no matter you pay in cash or not), Please be careful that the card holder must be same with the name on your passport or you can’t receive the tax refund.

*4 The tax refund procedure is only available to the purchaser.

*5 There are quantity limits for your tax-free purchase.

*6 Tax exemption on items purchased for business purposes is not available.


Provided through the following method.

*Please note that 1.55% from your Tax Free purchases will be deducted as a handling fee.

– Cash(Japanese JPY)

– Credit card *please note that it is limited to the cardholders only.(Nihombashi, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto)

Applicable Cards:
VISA, Master, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay (銀聯), JCB card
Your refund will be issued within around a week at the earliest.
A currency exchange fee will be applied to the amount of the refund.

– Mobile payment:Alipay, WeChat Pay (Nihombashi, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto)
Your refund will be issued immediately upon completion of the tax exemption form.
A currency exchange fee (5%) will be applied to the amount of the refund.


This store digitizes Tax free procedures based on the law.

*Signature is not required. Documents will not be attached to passport.

  1. If the items is not taken out of the country, consumption tax fees will be levied.
  2. The consumable goods which have been packed in the designated bags. Please do not open the designated bag until you leave Japan.
  3. If you wish to put in the items in your suitcase which has finished tax exemption procedure, you must declare it to the airline’s ground staff when checking-in. In addition, when going through the customs, your cooperation is more than appreciated to have the luggage checked.
  4. Agricultural and livestock products will be needed to get export inspection. There are countries and areas where bring those items in is forbidden under law and regulation.