Takashimaya Osaka Art Gallery Reservation Service


The Fine Arts Division at Takashimaya will celebrate the 110th anniversary of its foundation in 2020. Art Gallery on the sixth floor of Takashimaya Osaka has started a new service which is to prepare the requested art piece from the customer before their arrival by using a dedicated e-mail form. As soon as you arrive at “Namba” Osaka, our expertise at the Art Gallery will greet you on the promised date and time. The aim of this service is to support foreign customers who wishes to learn and purchase Japanese art. So here is our new service to connect customers from overseas with Japanese art pieces.

History of the Fine Arts Division of Takashimaya

In 1909, Takashimaya hosted the exhibition of 100 famous modern painters. It is said the Fine Arts Division of Takashimaya was founded based on this privately held grand-scale exhibition which was the first to be in Japan.
The Fine Arts Division has performed commercial operations, including self-curated exhibitions of new works since its foundation.
Contemporary art became widespread in Japan during the later half of the 20th century. Resposing to such environmental changes, Art Gallery X at Takashimaya Nihombashi opened in 2007, Gallery Next within Art Gallery of Takashimaya Osaka to follow in 2011.
As a department store highly renowned for art, Takashimaya will always engage and propose a living with art.

Framed calligraphy by Tessai Tomioka for the Fine Arts Division of Takashimaya

The Fine Arts Division started to sell artworks at a store that used the frame as its signboard at Edobori, Osaka, in 1919. It commemorated the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2010.

Art Reservation Service

How to make a reservation

I. Access to the dedicated site from the CONTACT button below.

II. Fill out the form. (*Include the following information in the Message section.)

  1. Details of artwork(s) that you would like to buy
    • Genre of artwork
      Ceramics (production area, pottery or genre/type, such as tenmoku or tea bowls, celadon and Bizen ware)
      Paintings (oil paintings, Japanese paintings, engravings or any motif or color tone)
      Three-dimensional works (wood carvings, lacquerware, bamboo crafts, or any motif or material)
    • Prefered Artist if any
    • Budget
    • Size (Indiate length, width and depth)
  2. Planned date of your visit

III. We will reply within three days after receiving your e-mail. Upon receiving this e-mail is the completion of your reservation.

Notes for reservation scheduling:
* We may not prepare the requested artworks by the planned date of your visit. We will notify you by e-mail by the time you arrive in Japan if we cannot meet your request.
* After the purchase agreement is made and the payment is completed, you will be able to take the purchased artworks home. Your artwork may be shipped internationally depending on its size.

If so, you will be given an overview of the shipment fee and number of days required until delivery when replying by e-mail. Detailed information to be provided on your arrival.
* We will never use the information provided by you for any purpose other than communication with you or to reply to your e-mail for an appointment.

Reference images for available artworks